What Exactly is a Dance?

This site explores the nature of dances and choreographic works. I’m interested in a number of philosophical questions, as they relate to contemporary practice and dance history:

What do choreographers and dancers make, if indeed they make anything?

What kinds of things are dances, if indeed they are things at all?

How do dances survive, if indeed they do, when they are not, or no longer being performed?

Why do we group some performances together as being of the same dance?

Are artist’s intentions, audience interpretations and (possible) meaning(s) essential to what dances are?

You can navigate via the tabs immediately under the image. More information is available about the project, as well as relevant literature and events. Replies, comments and discussion are very welcome on the Thoughts page. You are also welcome to contact Anna to find out more or become involved.

The blog is part of a bigger project which involves conversations with choreographers and writing a book. The generous support of University of Roehampton Department of Dance and the Arts and Humanities Research Council has made the project possible.