Broadcast Features

BBC 1 BBC Breakfast, 26 December 2015, archived on BBC News

BBC World Service Health Check, 13 March 2013, archived on BBC News: Health. (Click on picture to obtain the original film broadcast)

BBC 1 London, Inside Out, 16 January 2012. (On ‘Inside Out’ the feature runs from 10:23 to 18:28. The feature is also embedded below.)

English National Ballet’s programme filmed by George MacCallum and shown on Inside Out (16 January 2012).

Channel 4 News, 11 July 2011.

BUPA Foundation, Vitality for Life Prize 2011 (prize for research that encourages older people to exercise)

Selected Articles

Parry, Jan (26 November 2015) Dance for Parkinson’s and English National Ballet. Features, DanceTabs

Potts, Judith (13 March 2014) English National Ballet provides Dance for Parkinson’s classes, but more are needed. Health and Lifestyle Blogs, Telegraph.

Macia, Romy (22 January 2012) Dance for Parkinson’s Disease. Ballet Health Blog, Classical Ballet News.

Anon. (28 November 2011) BUPA Foundation Prize for Dance Research.

Adams, Stephen (4 June 2011) Dancing ballet ‘can relieve Parkinson’s symptoms’. Telegraph.