Limón Project

In this website we discuss the experiences of a number of participants on the Teaching Contemporary Limón Summer School which was held in July 2011 at Roehampton University. This two-week intensive was led by Alan Danielson (Director of the Limón School in New York) and Geraldine Cardiel (member of the Limón School faculty). It involved approaches to Limón as a series of movement principles and ideas, and gave opportunities for participants to learn how to teach these principles effectively.

The Limón Project website consists of the following pages: Introduction, Expectations, Embodiment, Attention, Appetite (four themes which emerged from the research), Video (consisting of five brief video projects by Gemma Donohue), Images (organised by day), People and References. Much of the material is devoted to the insights and practice of the participants. Unless where footnoted, all quotes are taken from the Limón project’s transcripts.

We anticipate that the site will be used for deeper reflective research and for questioning the nature of participating in and experiencing dance technique classes.

Please email one of the team if you have any questions or would like to respond to these materials.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the ideas, images and conversations on this site.

Erica Stanton (writing, analysis & project overview),
Simon Ellis (research, editing & site management),
Gemma Donohue (videography & editing),
Lil Boyce (interviews & transcriptions),
Benedict Johnson (photography),

January 2012


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