Handover notes for the festival committee

Website and domain name

All of the websites connected with the Department of Dance are hosted by a single hosting service and covered by one subscription fee, under the name of Roehampton Dance. The Footprint Dance Festival website is among Roehampton Dance’s suite of websites.

You must NOT set up a website outside of Roehampton Dance’s hosting service. You may NOT take out a paid subscription with another website company or hosting service because the department subsequently has to pay to maintain this service alongside Roehampton Dance’s service.

You MUST use footprintdancefestival.com’s established website, which is in WordPress. You may choose which WordPress theme to use for your festival. It is advisable to choose a free theme and one that has had a large number of good reviews (as an indication of quality).

The department covers the registration fee for the domain name footprintdancefestival.com. If you petition the department to change the festival’s name, you MUST register the new domain name through Roehampton Dance’s hosting service. And your new website MUST be hosted by Roehampton Dance’s service.

Social media

For several years, the festival has used the same Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. These contain the festival’s history going back to 2013 or 2014. Please be aware that if you change the account name, then all the links on this legacy website will be broken. YOU are responsible for updating these with the new account name and URL.



Please ensure to pass onto the next committee all the login details for the festival’s web outlets: website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Transferring the previous festival’s content to this legacy website

Your final responsibility as a committee is to ensure that your festival lives on in this legacy website. When the festival is finished, please transfer your website’s content to this legacy website, mirroring as closely as possible the set-up of the original site. Take screen shots to show what the original website looked like. You may leave your original website in place for the next committee to use if they wish, but it is not their responsibility to ensure that the content of your website is preserved on this legacy site. Make sure that your work lives on!