Apply for Footprint 2016

Footprint Dance Festival prides itself on celebrating new, innovative dance works of a diverse nature. We are looking for artists of all ages and experiences; welcoming youth companies, film work and a variety of workshop facilitators.

If you are interested in providing a workshop, please send us an email expressing your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I open the application document?
Apologies for any problems caused with downloading the application forms. We have recently changed the file type as a Word Document, which should have resolved the issue. If you are still finding difficulty opening the document after downloading, please try ‘right click’ -> ‘open with’ -> And choose a format that is compatible your computer. Any further problems, please email.

Is there a time limit for performance pieces?
We do not have a time limit for performances. Instead we kindly ask you to outline how long your work is or will be. In the past, individual performance pieces have averaged around 5-15 minutes. However we have a maximum of 20 minutes to encourage a wider selection of work to enter our application process. If we really like an application of a full length piece of work, it may fit well as a stand alone performance. If it does not work as a full length piece but we feel it is well suited to the festival we will contact the individual artists and liaise on a shorter adaptation of their work.

Does Footprint Dance Festival cover travel expenses and accommodation?
Unfortunately due the festival being in its early years, although it is expanding each year, the funding is still very small. Due to this and the amount of international applications we receive, we are not able to cover travel expenses, accommodation or Travel Visas. Work Visas are not necessary as the festival is not currently able to fund performing artists. However, if your application is successful we can offer rehearsal space during the summer months in the purpose built Dance Studios and Theatre at the University of Roehampton, London.

The festival is a fantastic opportunity to promote your work and to network with other dancing professionals, located at one of the leading Universities for Dance in the UK.

I’m a Dancer. How can I get involved?
Our applications seek out choreographers/companies that have prepared complete dance works. At the moment, we do not have a system for dancers to apply to be in performances. However, in the circumstance of popular demand, we would endeavour to create an online forum where choreographers and dancers can communicate and arrange audtions individually.

Any question or queries, feel free to contact us.