2015 Highlights

MONDAY 11th May

Monday kick starts the festival week with a morning HIIT style BootCamp at 10am in Monte Hall, followed by a contemporary workshop at 12:30 led by Shaun Dillion in Davies 1. Rosemary Lee Dance Film and Choreography talk at 2:30-4pm. A free talk not to be missed! (room: Cedar ED111). The opening night STAMPEDE, starts from 6:30pm in Michaelis Theatre.
Including works by Lucy Loughlin, Ceyda Tenc, Hannah K. Vincent, Alyssandra Kathryn Wu, Botis Seva, Far From The Norm, Crystal Zillwood and Peace.Positivity. Love. The night also features Moving Cities Film.
Caption: Award Winning Choreographer Rosemary Lee, after making a paint print with her foot!
Caption: Hannah Vincent’s CYMATICS
Caption: Promotional Poster: Moving Cities – Moving Cities London

TUESDAY 12th May
Engage in a day of world dance,with a Eastern Classical Dance Workshop with Sugata Das at 11:30am-1pm in Davies 1. The evening performance showcases Dance Worldwide at 7-10pm in Michaelis Theatre. Please see the timetable for full details of the day.
Artists for Dance Worldwide include: Shaun Dillon, Natalie Dodd, Jann Gallios, Sarah Waelchi, Eden Wiseman, Neus Expositio (film), Alicia Kidman, Maria Lothe and Elena Aldi.
Tuesday @ Footprint Dance Festival 2015 HD 720p


A Pilates session starts the day 10-11am on Frobel Lawn (Monte Hall if bad weather). The day features an exciting free workshop, Shelly Owen Dance: Artist Improvisation Workshop 11:30am-1pm in Davies 1. The day draws to a close with RAM perfromance at 7-10pm in Michaelis Theatre. FEZ to follow. Please see the timetable for full details of the day.
Featuring: Ceyda Tenc, Laura Arend, Harry Koushos, Shenna Kelly, Footloose.
Wednesday @ Footprint Dance Festival 2015 HD 720p


Highlights of Thursday include: a tap workshop at 11am-12:30pm in Monte Hall, Centre for Dance Research Seminar: Romanian Sword Dancing from 1-2pm, and the evening performance BAREFOOT 7-10pm, which is an outdoor perfromance. Meeting point is the Digby square. Please see the timetable for the full running of events and times.
Performances by: Shelly Owen, Eleni Papaiannou, Maeva Lamoliere, Feet Off The Ground, Courtney Draddy and Megan Curet.

FRIDAY 15th May

Friday features a talk by Hakan Redjep ‘Portfollio Careers in Dance’ at 1-2pm, followed by a pracrical workshop by Hakan Redjep ‘Methedologies within community projects’ at 2:30-4pm. The eveing perfromance ‘Celebration of Studnets Work runs from 7-10pm. Please see timetable for the full details of the day.
Work by students include: Theo Clinkard, Jasmine Andrews, Maya Pindar, Courtney Draddy and Emily Robinson, Emma Jane Martin, Eszter Szlma,Hannah Spain, Alice Seager, Lizzie Shand and Molly Simpson.


The day stats with Dance Fit from 9:00am, followed by a free Third Row Danec Company:Rep workshop at 10:30am.The afternoon brings a free Intermediate Ballet class in Davies 1, finishing with ‘Dance For All Ages’ perfromance in Michaelis Thatre. Please find the timetable for details of times and venues, including the full running orderof the days events.
The evening show includes works from the Young Movers Project, Third Row Dance Company and many more.