Falling About report latest

Writings from interventionists at Falling About research lab December 2013:

  1. When falling is funny – the success of failure – short piece on Peta Lily’s Falling
  2. fallingShift_A_Response_Jan2014 an intervention by Hari Marini & Sarahleigh Castelyn
  3. Steffi Sachsenmaier tai chi – falling notes
  4. On Falling written by Amaara Raheem. Amaara read this out loud as the starting point for an intervention at Falling About reseach lab December 2013.
  5. Falling(laughter) Charlie Fox’s intervention
  6. Reflections on Push Me Pull You  by Mark Harvey
  7. Aikido  by Peri MacKIntosh


Falling Landing Falling About[1]  Post lab Writing by Alan Frank











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