When falling is funny – the success of failure

PETA LILY has written about her intervention at the lab. the full text is on the ‘Writings’ page. Here is an excerpt: 

When falling is funny – the success of failure

A Workshop Intervention in Clown for Emilyn Claid’s Falling event

‘With my intervention, I decided to put the ‘i’ in falling to share with the participants the gift the clown brings to humanity – the freedom to fail.  The Masters of Clown – including Chaplin, Lupino Lane, Keystone Cops – have explored a ballet of skillful falls.  I chose not to concentrate on the mechanics and craft of falling in my session, but on the ‘physiological’ / social connotations of falling: tripping, stumbling, making mistakes. Outside of Clown and, say, parachuting, falling is most often seen as a ‘fall from grace’, a kind of failing – anything from slightly embarrassing to something shameful or tragic’.

One thought on “When falling is funny – the success of failure

  1. Dear Peta,
    I have enjoyed what you have written. It reminded me of your intervention and what fun it was. How we do so all yearn for the permission to be little and silly and how good and big we feel afterwards. I was so impressed with what you did with such a large group in such a short time. Words were richocheting out of your mouth like a pinball machine with an electrical fault! D H Lawrence said we should have statues of politicians in their underpants. What joy if we could put this into practice! Their is a clown in us all screaming to be let into the auditorium. Thanks for being such a good usherette! Alan x

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