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Here are two quotes  from David Williams’ ‘skywritings’ blog site.  Beautifully relevant…

From ‘The Sea: wave 6’: http://sky-writings.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/sea-wave-6.html

‘If we could only let go of our compulsion to dress transience in mourning, and instead confer value on impermanence and change, might we not inherit the earth? Why not lament (briefly) the very notion of permanence and move on? ‘God’, ‘Truth’, ‘Progress’ – looks to me like these are all cover stories, formative human delusions. Funny stories to tell ourselves, aren’t they – funny peculiar if not funny ha-ha. Let their heart-break go. Why not? It would be an act of kindness. Of realistic optimism. And an occasion for invention. We’ve been pointing in the wrong direction. Let’s use the fact of transience for our fictions. That’s the way to turn a death story into a life story. If you want to be remembered, give yourself away. La la laaaa la laaaa lalalaaaa, oh yes it will.’ David Williams October 2011

And from ‘Lean into’: http://sky-writings.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/lean-into.html

‘Maybe the notion of ‘leaning-into’ also relates to some texts I’m working on at the moment about falling, and the relations between adjusting balance in the orientation of ‘leaning’, the point of suspension, and the irretrievable moment(um) of falling. James Hillman writes about falling into the underworld, into psyche; Helene Cixous writes about falling into the ‘school of dreams’. Falling as deepening, growth: a ‘falling into place’.

Where do representation and writing ‘lean’ and where do they ‘fall’? Or, more broadly, to borrow a phrase from Herbert Blau, how does one navigate some ‘liveable unison between panic and grace’?  David Williams December 2012


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  1. “… our life is less the resultants of pressures and forces than the enactment of mythicalscenarios” (Hillman, 1976, p.22).

    Hillman himself employs mythical scenarios surely and promoted the notion of myth – but in generating our own myth surely the point was to observe creativity in action or possibly to observe the act of falling into our own myth ie. The image as a path to understanding the way we view/frame things. As humans we have always had stories that we pass from generation to generation – symbolic heritages so to speak. They are surely crucial in an understanding of self – both personally and culturally. Impermanence to me is ‘myth-making in action’ – processual states of becoming – Individuation.

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