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some writings on falling

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Falling Out of Line – Helsinki

January 19th – January 23rd.
Theatre Academy University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland.
Workshop led by Emilyn

Falling Out of Line.
This was a week long workshop, exploring a psycho-somatic practice of encounter, falling out fixed notions of identity and social behaviour between us. Through improvisational tasks we experienced a process of unravelling and slowing down our approaches to meeting, greeting, reaching, hugging, laughing, turning towards and away from each other. We found ourselves noticing physical and emotional affects of gestures between us, and how this practice, that interweaves ethics and aesthetics, influences choreographic decision making.

The workshop was attended by post doctoral artist researchers and doctoral research students.

a lovely quote by Feldenkrais sent by Anne Makonnen

Yes & No
are equivalent in all respect

To Fall in Love.
to accept “falling” i.e. to experience
the reaction to falling and the anxiety syndrome
that goes with it.
To love properly is equivalent to
falling properly, that is, not experience
the anxiety and fear that accompany
“falling” in Love.
This profound saying has been
formulated after a major mental
effort, on this day of grace, the 30th
of April, 1950 A.D. all by myself. MFeldenkrais’

Decoda summer workshop



Sink to the bottom of the now.                        Cixous 1997: 41


This two-day choreographic workshop develops ideas that Emilyn initiated at Falling About, (Siobhan Davies Studios December 2013), a cross disciplinary research lab exploring social, physical, metaphorical and psychological acts of falling.


Dancers understand a necessity for physical falling and learn how to do it safely, but this workshop is not only about falling in dance techniques or somatic movement codes. It is about those moments of encounter between us, where we experience gaps, failings, silences, silliness, absurdity and uncertainty – different kinds of fallings – not as moments to be brushed aside or glossed over, but as source for creativity and change. One such falling happens when we laugh, a vital sensation of uncontrollable physical imbalance between one known state and another.


At this workshop, falling is explored relationally, socially, physically and metaphorically, as integral to choreographic practice, drawing on a sense of intersubjective presence where you and I are not fixed identities but meet ourselves through encounters with each other. ‘Between is not an auxiliary construction, but the real place and bearer of what happens’ (Buber 1965).


Through individual and partnered movement tasks, improvisation, group process and discussion we will play with different ways to devise material for performance that encourages a sense of falling out of our social (or dance) face-to-face identities.


Something in the world forces us to think. This something is an object not of recognition but of a fundamental encounter… In whichever tone, its primary characteristic is that it can only be sensed. In this sense it is opposed to recognition.                Deleuze 1994: 139

The workshop will draw on a range of arts practices, existential philosophies and theories and is suitable for artists across disciplines, for dancers and non-dancers.