Monthly Archives: August 2016

some writings on falling

Falling – A Creative Process (2015) in GJANZ (Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand) VOL 12 No. 1 pp. 17-29 co-written with L. Osborne

‘Messy Bits’ (2015) in Collaboration in Performance Practice: Premise, Workings and Failures Edited by Noyale Colin & Stefanie Sachsenmaier London, New York: Palgrave MacMillan ISBN 978-1-137-46245-9

‘Face to Face’ (2014) in THE IMPACT OF PERFORMANCE AS RESEARCH. Proceedings of CARPA 3 – Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts

‘Can I Let You Fall?’ (2013) In Performance Research 18.4 ‘On Falling’ Routledge pp. 73-82

‘Rise & Decline’, (2012) in Theatre Dance & Performance Training Routledge pp 315-333