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Falling About feedback


‘So .. the Falling About lab was wonderful. Other than being able to connect with so many interesting people and to re-connect with some old friends, there seemed to be a particularly open atmosphere of enquiry. I am not sure if this comes about naturally when you put people in a room who have come there through a wealth of experiences (both personal and professional), but I felt strongly attached to the ease of communication. This was in stark contrast to the somewhat competitive atmosphere that can prevail in conventional conferences! In Foucault’s terms, you managed to create both a utopian and heterotopian space!’                                                                                               Erica

‘…  sharing such varying perspectives on one and the same topic was pretty inspiring’.                                                                                            Benni

‘I found the morning’s repeated fallings, particularly moving and nourishing: we had a great conversation in one of the small groups  – that I couldn’t quite find the way of sharing at the end of the day, but wish that I had –  about the film Gravity, the horror of non-falling and infinite suspension – there’s something in there about falling as a kind of home-coming.                               Wendy

‘It was so enlivening to attend the on falling round table discussion on Saturday evening. How exciting to hear from a group of such eloquent, articulate speakers, I feel profoundly touched and mentally excited by the nature of this project, which seems so unusually to dwell fundamentally both in the highly academic and physically embodied’.                                                                        Zoe