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Study room guide to falling

Here is the link to the ‘study room guide to falling’ that Amy Sharrocks has created for Live Art Development Agency.

‘music, photos and films of as many artists’ falling works as I could gather, with a full bibliography of books & essays’ (Amy Sharrocks).


Link to Impossible Return by Adrian Heathfield

Do read this poignant writing by Adrian Heath field. Here is a fragment:

‘…You know how it is when you leave things undone: they soon come back to haunt you. “I am a magician and I have just read your essay on Cooper”, the invitation said. “I have the video. I wonder if you would like to see it?” and so I found myself drawn, but full of ambivalence, sitting on a stranger’s sofa drinking tea, waiting to watch Tommy Cooper die. …’

© A d r i a n H e a t h f i e l d, 2007. A l l r i g h t s  r e s e r v e d.