New Alignments and Emergent Forms: a Symposium on Dance Research Practices

13 December 2003
University of Surrey Roehampton

new alignments emergent forms symposium

  • constructing ideas in real and mediated spaces
  • moving between languages
  • collaboration and interdisciplinarity
  • locating practice as research

The symposium brings together practicing choreographers, performance specialists and academic researchers to examine the changing landscape of dance research. In recent decades, the university framework has evolved to recognise dance practice as research, enabling practice based degrees at all levels. This has enlarged the field of possibility for artists, placing a renewed emphasis on reflection and the interrogation of art-making processes. It promises artists opportunities for moving their work between different, mutually enriching and informing contexts in symbiotic integration. And yet choreographers and performers often still experience difficulties negotiating these different territories and their potentially conflicting demands.

The symposium speakers work in a variety of settings, more or less directly affected by these developments. Their presentations and discussions will explore the artistic, philosophical and pragmatic implications of key questions: What kinds of dance research are currently emerging from this landscape? What is the relationship between professional practice and research? How do existing structures (professional and academic) support or inhibit a research approach to choreography and performance?

Through keynote addresses, panel discussions and multi media presentations the day will explore relationships between practice and theory, challenging traditional boundaries of what counts as critical thinking, innovative practice and academic knowledge.

Download the symposium leaflet here (pdf, 1.4 MB).


Opening Address
Carol Brown

Session 1: Bodies of Thought and Dance as Research
Liz Aggiss
Emilyn Claid
Rosemary Butcher
Chair: Josephine Leask

Session 2: Constructing Ideas in Real & Mediated Spaces
Sophia Lycouris
Sarah Rubidge
Susan Broadhurst
Chair: Scott deLahunta

Keynote Address
Susan Melrose: The Eventful Articulation of Singularities – or, ‘Chasing Angels’

Session 3: Locating Dance Practice as Research (Panel Discussion)
Kim Brandstrup
Jen McLachlan
Gregory Sporton
Anne Hogan
Rita Marcalo
Chair: Christopher Bannerman

Session 4: The Embodied Knowledges of Performance & Choreography
Gill Clarke
Erica Stanton
Sheron Wray
Chair: Ghislaine Boddington

Plenary Discussion & Closing Summary
Chairs: Carol Brown & Anna Pakes